Firefox privacy settings and extensions

Yohan Beugin - January 2024

Reasons to use Mozilla Firefox

Privacy and security settings

Configure Firefox to:

Extensions for privacy

Next are some very useful add-ons to protect you online:

Facebook Container

This extension prevents Facebook from tracking you around the web to correlate your web activity on other websites with third-party cookies. It literally isolates Facebook into its own browser container separate from the rest of your browsing activity.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Similar to the previous add-on, this extension allows you to create as many containers as you want to isolate your web activity and preserve your privacy: cookies are separated by container allowing you for instance, to use the web with multiple identities or accounts simultaneously. You can create containers to isolate your activity on your bank website from your activity on streaming websites, on Google services, etc. When you create a new container, open the corresponding website(s) that you want to automatically isolate and click on Always open in this container.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a content blocker that will automatically block ads, tracking domains, malware domains, etc.

Privacy Badger

This is a content blocker from the EFF that learns to block trackers as you browse the web.

NoScript Security Suite

This extension will protect you by only allowing the execution of JavaScript and other executable contents on trusted domains. These scripts are used to exploit security vulnerabilities, by blocking them by default and allowing them only on the websites you trust, your web navigation is safer. At the very beginning after the installation of this extension, it takes some time to configure manually all your trusted domains as you visit them, but it's definitely worth it.

Firefox for mobile

Mozilla Firefox is also available for mobile devices, has similar security and privacy settings, and most of the add-ons presented previously (uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, NoScript) can also be installed on Firefox Mobile